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Balancing Mind and Body in Your Busy Day

By Joanne Neville L.Ac. Clinic Director, Boulder Campus

SWAC Boulder faculty member, Jennifer Leonard, has been bringing her bright light to our campus in the form of a free Mind/Body lunchtime workshop every other Thursday for six sessions. We are halfway through the series and I am happy to see the consistent turnout of students, faculty, and staff taking the time to connect, commune, breathe, and dance. I never miss the opportunity to take a much needed respite from our busy SWAC schedules. I feel it has brought a deeper sense of community to those in attendance. Allowing ourselves to be quiet and vulnerable in a group is very powerful, as we share in the exercises, which are solitary, yet also give something back to each person in the room.

During each session, Jennifer leads us through a different experience, gently guiding us to go inward, be present, breathe deeply, or tap into our bodies. We do a little check in at the beginning and the end, going around the circle and saying how we feel. It’s lovely to see the benefit that everyone who attends feels after such a short practice. Today was a movement activity that was perfect for this week of midterm exams to shake off the stress and get the blood flowing. I warmly invite everyone to attend or to do some type of centering practice in the middle of your day. It only takes a few minutes and only good can come of it. You’ll be happy you did. Thanks Jennifer!