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Meridian Therapy at High Desert Hari Society

By Eric Michaelsen

Many students at SWAC have taken an interest in Japanese acupuncture, including a style called Meridian Therapy. Meridian Therapy is rooted the Nan Jing, or Classic of Difficulties, which expounds that deficiency and excess are tonified and reduced from a Five Element perspective to bring the body into balance.

The High Desert Hari Society is a non-profit in Santa Fe whose mission is the preservation and transmission of traditional medicine worldwide. Founded by Dr. Ehrland Truitt, DOM, the organization’s original affiliation is with Sensei Koei Kuwahara, a student of the late master Fukushima Kodo, but promotes the study of diverse lineages of acupuncture, herbalism, and healing touch.

Starting in October, the HDHS will run a six-month series on Hari-style Meridian Therapy, which focuses balancing the yin and yang through harmonizing the pulse, with an emphasis on radiating levity and love to our patients. Kuwahara Sensei will travel to Santa Fe for all six workshops to share his style and philosophy.

I originally took the six-month series because when I first heard about Hari, it was an answer to most of my questions written on earmarked pages in my copies of the Classics. What I found was so much more than those answers: I found the transcendent power of touch, intuition, and intention. Many of you know me as an overthinker. In Hari, thought is exchanged for listening to one’s heart and hands, and that makes me feel balanced, alive, and happy.

Some have asked my opinion on studying Meridian Therapy before completing the NCCAOM exams. I finished the series before taking my first one and passed them all, and I only took one TCM clinic since then, so don’t let the boards deter you from learning! For more information, visit or stop me in the student lounge!