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Self-Care for Solace Staff

By Cecily Martin, Admissions & Alumni Director

One of my friends sits on the Board of the Santa Fe Mountain Center, and I attended their annual fundraiser in July. I met a woman whose organization, Santa Fe Safe, partners with the Solace Crisis Treatment Center. We spoke about my job at Southwest Acupuncture College, and she told me what an asset our clinic is to the community and what great work our students do. She mentioned that Solace has a drawing for free self-care at their monthly staff meeting and suggested that the SWAC student clinic donate a free treatment to the drawing each month.

Solace’s mission is to provide all individuals who have experienced trauma with evidence-based treatment, advocacy services for navigating community resources, and education in order to restore strength and find inner resiliency. It should go without saying that the work the Solace staff does is emotionally challenging and requires both tenacity and compassion.

When I was pregnant with my first child, someone gave me advice that I’ve carried with me in the years since: You can’t pour from an empty pitcher. She meant that you can’t care for someone else unless your own needs are met. SWAC is proud to help the Solace staff members meet their own needs so they can continue meeting the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community.