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SWAC Wellness Fair Spotlight: Chinese Nutritional Assessment

By Eric Michaelsen

Chinese nutrition does not fall into the category of fad diets, cleanses, or crash courses. Rather, it encourages individuals to make changes in order to positively influence their own health over the long term by adding in foods that make them feel great while allowing them to explore how other foods may affect them. It provides a jumping off place for the individual to take control of their own health.

At the Nutritional Assessment booth of the SWAC Wellness Fair, you will take a short assessment that will allow our student practitioners to properly assess your body type. You will then be given a sheet to take home detailing information about your constitution, including strengths and weaknesses, and providing specific recommendations for foods you could eat to feel more energetically balanced and positive.

The Wellness Fair is free of charge and will be scheduled on a first-booked, first-served basis. Other modalities include acupuncture, five element constitutional diagnosis, and tui-na (Chinese Massage).
SWAC is located at 1622 Galisteo Street in Santa Fe. Appointments for Chinese Nutritional Assessments, as well as all other modalities, can be scheduled by calling the SWAC clinic at (505) 438-8880.