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SWAC Wellness Fair Spotlight: Five-Element Constitutional Assessment

By Briana Murphy and Eric Michaelsen

According to Chinese theory, the world can be viewed as an interrelationship of five elements or phases – fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. This theory is steeped in Chinese culture and is used to describe the macrocosm, such as astrology and world events, as well as the microcosm (e.g. acupuncture point relationships, emotions, and overall constitutions).  Each element generates and controls each other, and health is achieved when the energy or qi is able to move through each phase smoothly. Everyone has the energetics of all five phases within their constitution, but one or more of these elements/phases are predominant. Understanding your constitution will help to lay the foundation for health promotion and disease prevention. What is your predominant element?

Are you a wood type?
The wood element is associated with the color green and the Gallbladder and Liver channels. Spring is the season of the wood element, and to picture this element it is best to imagine a tree. Like a tree is determined to grow, wood type personalities are driven with a strong sense of purpose. They tend to have long, lean frames with thin, long noses and slender cheeks.

Are you a fire type?
The fire element is associated with the color red and the season of summer. It is also associated with the Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, and San Jiao. This person is like a fire – expressive, energetic, and passionate. They tend to be shaped like a torch with pointy chins, noses, and faces.

Are you an earth type?
The earth element is associated with the color yellow and the Stomach and Spleen. The season of this element is the transitional period between seasons. This person has a mothering personality. They are calm, generous, and have a steady character.  Their body type tends to be short with a round or square face and short fingers and neck.

Are you a metal type?
The metal element is associated with the color white, the Lung and Large Intestine, and the autumn season. This person has a square face with a small head and small shoulders and upper back. They move swiftly and tend to be quiet and calm, but are great in managerial roles as they can be decisive when necessary.

Are you a water type?
The water element is associated with the color black, the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder, and the winter season. They tend to have a dark complexion, a large head, wide cheeks, and narrow shoulders. They keep their body in motion while walking and find it difficult to sit still. They have a deep thinking and eccentric personality.

At the Five-Element Constitutional Assessment booth at the SWAC Wellness Fair, you will take a short assessment that will allow our student practitioners to properly assess your body type. You will then be given a sheet to take home detailing information about your constitution, including strengths and weaknesses, and providing specific recommendations for you to feel more energetically balanced and positive.