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Want to Learn More About Herbs?

By Bri Isaacson

Taking Herbal Materia Medica? Interested in Japanese-style practice? New on the bookshelf! Japanese Herbal Medicine: The Healing Art of Kampo, A Guide to Understanding & Using Traditional Japanese Herbal Medicine for Overcoming Common Disorders by Robert Rister. The book is organized by disorders rather than herb classifications, which makes it a great reference when deciphering herbs that treat common pathologies. Come and give it a look!

Struggling with herbs? Looking for a fun reference book to brush up on Chinese medicinal identification? Come to the library and check out Chinese Medicinal Identification: An Illustrated Approach by Zhongzhen Zhao and Hubiao Chen. This book displays beautiful, high-quality photos of the herbs in their different forms along with:

  • Pin yin name
  • Latin name
  • Origin
  • Processing method
  • Properties & functions
  • Decoctions
  • Quality requirements

This book is an excellent supplemental tool to complement the required texts for Herbal Materia Medica I&II. Come and see for yourself!