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Southwest Acupuncture College Continuing Education Program Presents NCCAOM Approved Motor Point Acupuncture Techinques for Myofascial Pain of the Upper Body and Neck with Dr. YuShu Cheng D.O.M.

Southwest Acupuncture College - Santa Fe, NM Campus
July 14, 2018 - July 15, 2018
Neck, shoulder and upper body pain an motor dysfunction are soe of hte most clinical complaints encountered in an acupuncture practice. During this intensive 15hr seminar Dr. Cheng covered anatomy, symptomology and assessment of 32 upper body and neck musles tha commonly cause clinical complaints. Location, safe needling, and tui na techniques for treatment of motor points to address all of these 32 muscles will be taught through demonstraton, hands on instruction, and supervised practice.


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