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Settings and Services


The library and learning resources of all campuses at Southwest Acupuncture College have been established to provide students and faculty with access to a variety of materials for research and educational purposes. The collections consist of books, journals, periodicals, audiocassettes, state laws, charts, and videotapes of seminars. The preponderance of literature is in the field of Oriental medicine, supplemented with books in the western sciences and other healing practices. The collection is also rounded out with works in sociology, anthropology, history, language, non-fiction, and medical journals. With the exception of journals and other delicate materials, the resources of the library are available to students on a lending basis. The library is equipped with computers with internet access for student use. Students at Southwest Acupuncture College are also allowed to use the lending library at St. John’s College (Santa Fe), the research facilities at the University of New Mexico Medical School Library (Albuquerque), the public library at St. Vincent Hospital (Santa Fe), and the University of Colorado Library (Boulder). To view the College’s Library Catalog online click here.

Library Development Plan

As we anticipate moving towards a doctoral level program, library building is a necessary part of the infrastructure of such an endeavor. The college has dedicated itself to this important task of library development.

A college can never have enough funds to purchase the books, journals, and computer materials that complement a medical education. In light of this fact, we have established a library drive. In return for your donation of books or money, we have created three categories of contributors:

Life Supporter $500 or more You are acknowledged with a listing on a group plaque kept in the library of the campus to which the donation was made, a listing in the college catalog and the Fall college newsletter.

Supporter $100 to $499 You are acknowledged with a listing in the next edition of the college catalog and the Fall college newsletter.

Friend $10 to $99 You are acknowledged in the Fall college newsletter.

Library Contributors 1997-2006

In grateful acknowledgment to the Supporters and Life Supporters of Southwest Acupuncture College

Life Supporters

  • Anthony Abbate
  • Skya Abbate
  • Bob Asbridge
  • Paul Aubuchon
  • Aurora Press
  • Mike Balazas
  • Suzy Balliet
  • Mary Bertagnolli
  • William Burke
  • Churchill Livingstone
  • Alex and Dianne DeMolles
  • Marike Devries
  • Eastland Press
  • Jake Fratkin
  • Golden Flower Chinese Herbs
  • Mary Goodrich
  • Barbara Higgins
  • Valerie Hobbs
  • Gaynl Keefe
  • Jim Klemmer
  • Philip Mendez
  • Judy Nagel
  • Whit Reaves
  • Amira Russel
  • Mary Saunders
  • Irene Serenson
  • Scott Alan Storrie, M.D.
  • David Strand
  • Lynsay Tunnell
  • Nichole Wheeler


  • Rick Ahrens
  • Bio Resource
  • Holly Carr
  • John and Tina Chen
  • Joanne Christensen
  • Roddy Cohn
  • Fa Creighton
  • Daisy Dong
  • Devachen Press
  • Lori Farley
  • Shirley Furen
  • Susan Gallagher
  • Tina Gentry-Deets
  • Christine Giggenbach
  • Tracy Glazenburg
  • Terry Goergen
  • Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab
  • Elizabeth Haviland
  • Harcourt Publishing
  • Ilse Hernandez
  • Jody Herriott
  • Karen Hershman
  • Cliff Hertz
  • Nancy Huber
  • Jan Jackson
  • David Legge
  • Lisa Lowe
  • Mary Ellen Marino
  • Kathi Mathews
  • Susan McCoy-Ofner
  • Heather McIver
  • Anastasia Nellos
  • Jenna Nylander
  • Sparo Arika Palmer-Vigil
  • Frank Proffit
  • Kristin Saudry
  • Ellie Sernet
  • Michael Shell
  • Jody Stege
  • La Tran
  • Kazoo Tsudo
  • Michelle Uthoff-Campbell
  • Jim Ventresca
  • Gail Vivino
  • Shi Cun Wu

Student Services and Housing

The student services provided by Southwest Acupuncture College are designed with the intent of supporting the whole person and hence the ultimate mission of the school. Low cost acupuncture treatments are extended to students both for health maintenance and instructional purposes. A student representative system provides the mechanism by which a student voice in the creation of the college community is realized. The college newsletter, The Luo Down, serves to inform the students about national, state, local, school events, and other items of interest. Annual school convocations such as Chinese New Year and the annual school vendor fair and graduation ceremonies are important mechanisms for celebration, enjoyment, relaxation, and balance in the students’ schedule. Personal academic and financial counseling is an automatic part of school operations.

There are no residential accommodations for students at the college. Students find housing in a variety of situations including shared living, apartment rentals and home purchases. Students should plan to secure housing before entry into the program. A list of telephone numbers for temporary housing and newspaper subscription can be obtained from the college by request to facilitate the housing search.

A list of useful links for finding housing and employment is included on each of the individual campus pages: Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Boulder.

Open House

At Southwest Acupuncture College every day is open house. When anyone visits one of our campuses we are happy to provide them with a tour of the facilities, allow them to sit in on classes, observe the clinic in operation, receive a free treatment and meet with one of our administrators to discuss our program and answer any questions they may have about our college. We do recommend that you call in advance and make an appointment to ensure that one of our administrators will be able to attend to your needs and to secure a clinic appointment if desired. This will also allow us to help you choose the most productive time to visit as classes are not in session during college breaks. Prospective students who visit without an appointment will be extended the same courtesy although we cannot guarantee that an administrator will be able to spend an uninterrupted extended amount of time explaining the program and answering questions.